The Mesmerizing Blue-Colored Tea and Its Benefits

A few months ago we visited Soricha Tea House in Koreatown and ordered Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (made from the Clitoria ternatea plant).  This tea is also known as Bellvine Tea or Bellflower Tea.

This was our first time seeing tea in this color. Just as Bon Appetit magazine puts it, "Brewing a cup of butterfly pea flower tea, is like seeing a glow stick turn from a boring translucent-gray tube into a glimmering neon cylinder for the first time. Just add water and it's a deep midnight-cobalt blue."   

butterfly pea flower tea

I was half expecting that this tea to have a floral aroma but these Butterfly Pea Flower Tea tasted woody and earthy quite similar to traditional Chinese green tea.

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It only takes seconds to see the beautiful blue color (add lemon and voila! it turns purple color!) but it needs steeping of at least  four minutes and up to 15 minutes, if you prefer a stronger flavor.  

I steep mine up to 6 minutes only and we've been drinking this tea every other day.   We found out that we can even make cool blue ice cubes and other cold drinks too for the summer! We'll experiment and share them here later. 

butterfly pea flower tea

 What are the Benefits?

If the whimsical color of the tea isn't convincing enough, Butterfly Pea Flower tea is also rich in antioxidants. They are known to help protect the skin against premature aging.  

In Thailand where weather gets extremely hot, Butterfly Pea Flower tea in drink also have cooling properties that help with anti-depressants and anti-stress.

After learning about how cool this tea is we decided to carry it on our store. Share the love!

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blue tea

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