Loose Leaf or Teabags: Which One Brews Better Tea? + FREE GIFT!

This question of whether making teas from loose leaf or teabags often comes up especially from tea noobs seeking the best tea experience possible.

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Growing up in a Chinese community, I have never known any other way of brewing tea except from with loose leaf. It was always served after being filtered from a large teapot. 

But fundamentally, the difference just boils down to a few factors:



The convenience of prepacked and store bought tea bags is the biggest draw. But they are also often made with tea fannings or "dust". Tea Fannings are small pieces of tea leaves which are left over after higher grades of teas have already been gathered to be sold.  Hence, they are actually the least marketable part of the tea grading process.

Tea Fannings (in most store bought teabags) are small pieces of tea leaves which are left over after higher grades of teas have already been gathered to be sold.  


A big reason why loose leaf tea fans loves loose leaf tea is being able to watch the leaves gracefully expand and swirl in the cup.  This is when those delicate or bold (depending on the tea) flavors and awesome health benefits are slowly released.

So when the leaves are cramped inside a small teabag, it prevents the leaves from its reaching its full potential and possibly, even affecting the flavors too.

So it really is a matter of personal choice. After you try and test both methods you'll be able to find what fits your style best.

In China, the most traditional style of making tea is known as gongfu tea ceremony and calls for a much more elaborate set up in order to brew teas to perfection.  But nowadays, many Chinese use gaiwan teaware instead. It's basically a drinking cup with a lid over it that's designed to allow drinking from the cup while the tea leaves stay in the cup. 

Personally, I am fascinated with the tradition of gongfu tea ceremony but it's quite impossible for me to keep up with that nor use a gaiwan everyday. I prefer my glass cup with filter which I got from Amazon.

But I've also discovered that using a larger reusable teabags could offer the same convenience of teabags AND space to allow more loose tea leaves to freely expand to get the full flavor benefits.  I just need to only fill up 1/8 to 1/4 of the reusable teabag for every cup of water.

and now for the surprise... I'm giving away free 100 reusable drawstring teabags (just pay a small shipping fee of $1!). 

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